Balloons is my second published game, though it may be shittier than the last one. I had a lot of fun making this though, and it was definitely more challenging than the previous one. Someday, I might release a game that takes over 24 hours to make. Who knows? Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

Most of the programming on the balloons was made by my friend GabeD. Look for his games, he is very talented.

To anyone interested:
If you have anything you'd like to change about this, be it art or gameplay tweaks, I would love it if you contacted me. I can share the game files with you and will publish any changes made to this game.

Install instructions

I think there might be a problem running on Chrome. If it doesn't run correctly and you still really want to play this, there is a downloadable file.


Balloons.exe 5 MB

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